仿佛 将我拉回了童年那时的轻快


The sound of silence
Simon & Garfunkel

Hello darkness my old friend.嘿,黑夜啊,我的老友
I've come 2 talk with U again.我又来找你聊天了
Because a vision softly creeping.因为有个幻影轻轻爬进来
Left its seeds while I was sleeping.趁我熟睡时暗暗播下了种子
And the vision that was planted in my brain.使这个幻影深植入我脑海中
Still remains.萦绕盘旋不去
Within the sound of silence在寂静无声的此刻
In restless dreams I walk alone.在无数不平静的梦中我茕茕独行
Narrow streets of cobble stone.行走在鹅卵石铺成狭窄街道上
'Neath the halo of a street lamp.头顶上街灯的光晕将我笼罩
I turned my collar 2 the cold & damp.我竖起衣领以抗御这湿冷的夜
When my eyes were stabbled by the flash of a neon light.当我的眼睛为刺眼的霓虹灯闪烁所迷时
That split the night.霓虹灯的闪烁也划破了夜空
And touched the sound of silence.打破了黑夜的沉静
And in the naked night I saw.在无遮灯照耀下我看到
Ten thousand people maybe more.人头攒动
People talking without speaking.有的人在说着无聊的话语
People hearing without listening.有的人在漫不经心的听着别人说
People writing songs that voices never share.有的人在写着那些从不会被传唱的歌
And no one dare.但没有人敢于去
Disturb the sound of silence.打破这份静默

"Fool" said I "U do not know."我说道:"愚蠢的人啊,你们不知道
"Silence like a cancer grows."静默会像癌细胞那样扩散
Hear my words that I might teach U."听我的话,我才能教导你
"Take my arms that I might reach U."抓紧我的手,我才能救你
But my words like silent rain-drops fell.但是我的话却如寂静无声的雨点落下
And echoed in the wells of silence.徒然回响在沉静的井里
And the people bow & prayed.人们仍然顶礼膜拜着
To the neon God they made.自己塑造的霓虹灯神文明
And the sign flash out its warning.霓虹灯(文明)以它闪烁的文字显出其预兆
In the words that it was forming文明)警告的话语渐渐成型
And the sign said "The words of the prophers.预兆显示:先知的话语
Are written the subway walls & tenement halls".已被写在地铁的墙上以及出租公寓的走廊上
And whispered in the sounds of silence.也在无声的静默中被轻声传送



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